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    How To Turn Off Windows 10, 11 Updates Permanently 100% [Solved]

    Windows Update Blocker or WUB for short is an application used to hinder Windows from completing the update cycle consequently without approval from us. This obviously will be exceptionally helpful in light of the fact that occasionally the undesirable update process frequently makes our Windows working framework a mistake. Besides, the update interaction without our insight is obviously exceptionally irritating, particularly when we really want a PC or PC rapidly It just so happens, that we need to go through an update cycle which is once in a while extremely tedious during the most common way of booting the Windows working framework.

    Not just that, occasionally Windows refreshes the working framework which makes our working framework a blunder to run a few applications that have been introduced. This will be extremely lethal when our Windows working framework has vital information or framework design and reinstalling is definitely not a savvy decision, some of the time as a layman client unavoidably we need to figure out the thing issues we are looking for with our Windows.

    Windows Update Blocker or WUB can hinder all update exercises completed by the Windows working framework so it keeps our Windows steady as before when we have gotten done with introducing Windows. Not just that Windows Update Blocker or WUB is likewise exceptionally simple to use, with only a couple of snaps, we will actually want to impede all update exercises in the Windows working framework.

    Windows Update Blocker (WUB) can run on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, this Windows Update Blocker programming is exceptionally protected to utilize and a long way from being known as an infection. Yet, frequently Windows thinks about this program as risky on the grounds that by crippling Windows refreshes it is possible that the security escape clauses that have been viewed become unfit to shut.

    You are unequivocally encouraged to utilize this Windows Update blocker assuming you definitely know your outcomes and requirements in utilizing it. in any case, assuming you feel that you approve of Windows refreshes, it is prescribed that you adhere to Microsoft's default Windows settings.

    You can download Windows Update Blocker (WUB) through the server we have given. The most effective method to utilize it is likewise very simple, we give it in a video design that you can watch beneath.

    WUB – Windows Update Blocker Download

    Size: 1.75 MB
    OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
    Developer: Sordum

    1. You can download the WUB (Windows Updates Blocker) link below.

    2. Just Click Wub.exe

    3. Check Protect Service Setting and then Click Apply Now button to finish.

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